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Elizabeth Monta Oxyer

* Bachelor of Arts in Statistical Sociology
  from The Ohio State University, Spring 2005 
* Graduate of Grove City High School
* Marched in the Rose Bowl Parade
  New Years Day 2000
* Marched/Danced in the SpectroMagic Parade*
* Currently in Business Class
  for Time Warner Cable, Columbus  
Thomas Young

Graduate of the Ohio Northern University *
  Bachelors degree in Internation Business & Economics, 
  French, and Management, Spring 2007 
Graduate of Buckeye Central High School *
Spent 6 months studying in Paris *
Spent 10 weeks studying in Cuba *
Currently in Sales *
   for Time Warner Cable, Columbus 
The Cute Meet
We met in June at a local hippie festival called Community Fest that takes place every year in Goodale Park.

My roomate Jen's brother Chad often visited Jen, Nick and I at our house downtown and would listen to me spout my horrible date stories. Until one day he said he had a friend for me and gave me his contact info.

Dylan and I spoke a few times prior, but ComFest was the first time we met... We wondered around the whole day making small talk but it was after night fall when the magic happened. My friends had spread a blanket on the grass to hang out and listen to the music coming from the closest stage, when slowly, a drum circle formed right next to us. More drummers joined and dancers joined. Then a light drizzle started and you could see the light dancing off the drops above the circle of performers and us... That night has become my "happy place". Whenever I think of it I just get calm and happy thinking of us sitting there together for the first time and how the whole world came together for just us at that moment. - Amber
Oh, For the Love
Dylan: Maybe it was the beer on tap but when I looked across the table one night and saw her smile, I knew it was something special. That was when I first realized that this was the person I wanted to spend my life with.

Amber: Dylan told me there was a certain moment at an Applebees where he just knew. For me it was a lot of little moments of kindness and cuteness and sincerety. I was scared to tell him though so I had a sneaky plan to blurt it out before I went into surgery and blame it on the drugs... but I didn't have to because he said it first.
Engaged Over a Rose in a Milkjug
On Tuesday November 13th 2007

Dylan: I had known for a while that she was the one, but one day at work I just realized that I couldn't wait to ask any longer. I wanted to marry her, and when I know something is right, I want it right away. It ran through my mind all day. So after work I bought a pumpkin pie (her favorite), a bottle of champagne and a rose... and I asked that same night.

Amber: He had hinted a bit that week. One particular story was of his little cousin asking if his girlfriend was pretty, Dylan answered yes, and she said "well you better get her a ring because thats how my Daddy got my Mommy".

I told my Mom about his hints and she asked me "If he asked today what would you say?" and I said "well, yes". But he would, of course, wait until Christmas or something cliche like that. So I had to curtail my hopes until at least Thanksgiving. And while having this conversation with Mom I wasn't paying attention and rear-ended a lady on the way to Dylan's house!

When I arrived at Dylan's I was talking a mile a minute about the nice lady who didn't just sue me for cell phone negligence... And I saw a single rose... In a milkjug!

Apparently he had forgotten only one thing. That dudes don't have vases laying around thier apartments. He had made me a really nice meal and still I had no reason to think something was up because I just knew he has waiting for the holidays. Near the end of dinner he had muted the TV... And then I further realized that his laptop and World of Warcraft had not made a single apparence since I'd arrived, and then I knew something was up.

I looked away and looked back and he was on one knee. We joke alot so I really thought he was joking when he asked, so I said "are you serious?" And he said "uh, yeah" and I saw that he was tearing up (which I've never seen him do before or since) and I said "yes, of course".
The Wedding
Saturday, April 4th 2009

Starting that very night we called the parents and the nit-picky details of a wedding started to come together.

I have to be honest. I have always wanted a small wedding in some obscure place. Large weddings tend to scare me because it means alot of planning... But we have picked a really fun theme, so the planning has been interesting.

We have decided to have a more intimate ceremony with immediate family only and then a larger reception. Both will be held at the Mansfield Reformatory on April 4th 2009.
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